Spa Matilda is an oasis of tranquility and rebirth where our guests are immersed in a collection of highly personalized, multi-culturally inspired treatment and therapies, suited for a wide array of unique preferences.  Embark on a journey of discovery into the heart of holistic restoration, relaxation and wellness.

Featuring a diverse selection of modalities, massage and specialty bodywork sessions are tailored to your specific needs and incorporate a variety of healing techniques and nurturing touch to deliver powerful results.

Uniting the power of water, heat and natural ingredients with the intuitive touch of your therapist, this timeless feature of spa culture is rooted in healing traditions found throughout the world to affect positive change to the skin, the body and the mind-body connection. Choose from our exclusive hand-blended apothecary formulations, composed of locally sourced artisanal ingredients corresponding to a specific therapeutic focus.

We feature the Natura Bisse, Tata Harper, and Primavera lines of technologically advanced skincare products with maximum concentrations of highly effective ingredients, providing a dramatic improvement in the function and appearance of the skin. Facial treatments deliver immediate results and long-term benefits, incorporating deep cleansing, repair and restoration.

Our Apothecary Concierge at Spa Matilda takes the spa experience to a new level of personalization by completely immersing guests in the process of creating their very own beauty and care product. Guests are involved every step of the way, from deciding on the type of products and the ingredients to watching it being prepared by hand.

San Miguel is the destination of choice for an increasing number of weddings and celebrations. To help you prepare for memorable events, Spa Matilda offers head-to-toe beauty and grooming, including hair styling and professional makeup services.


Open Monday – Sunday 9am to 8pm
Gym from 6am To 10pm
Closed Tuesday